flowering season


In India, we have four main seasons. Although climate change has skewed the boundaries between these…

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domestic biogas

Campaign for energy saving

Campaigns have certainly been one of the most powerful tools to educate and empower. If I…

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hex colour

Colour, colour, what colour?

The colour when you wake up in the morning and see the sun shining on the…

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Bustling bazaars or mystical malls

Simple light bulbs hanging at the corner of a spread of vibrant articles on the streets…

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An extra break between classes helps

Schools are the place for learning new things both non-academic and academic. Focusing on the academic…

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Handling criticism

Rising Above Criticism and Nurturing Self-Confidence

In the contemporary world, we have to deal with a lot of criticism as everybody freely…

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12 angry men clip

Movie Review: 12 Angry Men

An intriguing murder. A sweltering jury room. And twelve angry men. The 1957 film, ‘12 Angry…

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Make a change. Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Mental health awareness is so overtalked, and yet there are millions suffering from poor mental health.…

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voting in the elections

Democracy in Action

Elections are held in different states of India at different points in time for the people…

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