I might miss a lot of now; yet I want the good days to be back

I have been waiting eagerly for corona to disappear and for schools to open. Though the…

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childhood toys

Inexpensive, but invaluable

Some things are very costly which you will want as it may be beautiful. But, everyone…

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Would love to be Fuli or Anga

When I was a bit younger, I used to watch a lot of cartoons. I still…

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animal care

Break from the routine during summer vacation

After a long time of only studies, homework, school and exams, we all would like to…

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sleep awake

Close your eyes and think about the fun you had!

Everyone has nights where we can’t sleep. So, what do we do? Let me tell you…

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talking flower

If I were a talking flower …

We all imagine being something that may be real or non-living. At times, we say “I…

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Compete for indidual performance; collaborate for team activity

Many people prefer teamwork that is collaborating, as when there are more people, the work or…

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indoor camping

Tackling boredom days creatively

We all have days that become very boring as we think we have nothing to do.…

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best things

Some things are priceless, yet can be valued

Most of the time, the best things are costly. Here, I am talking about the things…

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