screenfree time

Set screentime limits

Imagine this scene. It’s eight in the night, and instead of spending quality family time, you…

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Fighting COVID-19 in my own way

As the deadly disease spreads across the globe, I realized that the only way to combat…

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screen free time

Screen-free family time needs to be prioritised

With our lives becoming technology-dependent by a new degree every day, our screen time has increased…

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Compete for indidual performance; collaborate for team activity

Many people prefer teamwork that is collaborating, as when there are more people, the work or…

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work as a team

Competition or collaboration?

Competitions are an integral part of performing well. They give immense self-confidence. However, they are not…

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Be in a team to work better

I feel I perform better when I’m collaborating. Why? “None of us is as smart as…

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doodle journal

Overcome boredom creatively

Boredom. We all have been there, haven’t we? That feeling of disinterest in absolutely everything. It…

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no to AC

Natural oxygen supply intimes of crisis

The demand for oxygen has shot through the roof in recent times. Hospitals are running out…

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indoor camping

Tackling boredom days creatively

We all have days that become very boring as we think we have nothing to do.…

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