boredom busters

When the globe at a standstill, cure the boredom now!

The pandemic has made the entire globe to a standstill, confining all of us to our…

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ideas clipart

Combatting Boredom Together

Adults and kids face one relatable issue. Boredom! Aren’t we all tired of repeating the same…

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Exams during tough times

With the new strain of the COVID-19 virus, the government has decided to cancel the class…

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A small step towards reducing my impact on the environment

Do you know that the average lifespan of a plastic bag is around 12 minutes? Most…

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Oxygen generator – need of the hour

It took something smaller than the size of an ant to take over the world; a…

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Power to have many responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibilities. Said Uncle Ben from Superman. If I had the power…

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best things

Some things are priceless, yet can be valued

Most of the time, the best things are costly. Here, I am talking about the things…

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The one of a kind superpower

Teleportation! Imagine having the ability to teleport to any place you want to; Thinking about it,…

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super power

Wish for a power to change people’s mind

If I had one superpower, it would be to change people’s minds. Not in an imposing…

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