Lockdown in Tamil Nadu

A lockdown comes into effect from May 10, 2021 in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu government on May 8, 2021, imposed a lockdown for two weeks across the…

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lockdown TN

Lockdown extended in Tamil Nadu from May 10, 2021

The government of Tamil Nadu passed an order on May 8, 2021, to impose a two-week…

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The Write Track Season 2 Issue 1

The Write Track Season 2 : eBook Issue 1

The first issue of The Write Track Season 2 eBook is here! To a call made…

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Exercising at home? Why not?

Exercise. The word ignites varied kinds of responses from different people – some are enthusiastic, some…

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talking flower

If I were a talking flower …

We all imagine being something that may be real or non-living. At times, we say “I…

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red rose bouquet

Being kind as a flower

If I was a flower and I could speak, I would enjoy life till my peak…

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Wish for a languistic superpower

I wish I had the superpower of Omnilingualism; or being able to speak, understand and write…

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We, not me

It’s we; not me!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with…

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grandma and kid

Are gadgets replacing our grannies?

From my personal experience, gadgets do take away family time. Why?- Gadgets have become a necessity…

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