Online learning left us with time to pursue new hobbies

Since March 2020, the kind of school we are all accustomed to has gone forever. The…

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Careers that are interesting to me

At the moment, I have many careers that I would like to pursue. Since I was…

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wearing masks

Masks may be uncomfortable, but wear it for your own safety

Social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, sanitising often; are important precautionary measures that we must…

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Books and ebooks

Trade in my physical books? No, I would not!

Since I learnt how to read, I have always had a deep attachment to books. They…

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Emojis – Love? Hate?

Ever since Facebook and Whatsapp became a thing, we have all been pulled into texting each…

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I might miss a lot of now; yet I want the good days to be back

I have been waiting eagerly for corona to disappear and for schools to open. Though the…

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I like to write …

I like to write because it gives me a deeper understanding of my own feelings and…

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Curious about the science behind skincare

I would like to become an esthetician or a dermatologist when I grow up. Estheticians are…

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emerge from covid

We will emerge soon

Those years weren’t a phase, they were a black spot in our history, They could never…

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